Thursday, September 9, 2010

But seriously...

I really did make a mess. My house is alarming close to becoming a candidate for a "Hoarders" intervention.
Except that I'm not hoarding anything, I just haven't unpacked over half of the boxes from the move...back in June. I don't have a problem with compulsive spending either. If anything I have an issue with pre-purchase buyer's remorse which keeps me from buying things that I want even if I have the money...but that's a different issue for a different time.
Anyway, I'm just trying to give myself a good outlook...a positive personal prognosis. I can make this place liveable--I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...
How does one develop the skill of organization?
Also, when do we learn the basic concepts of "follow-through?"
I want to create a home that is as tidy and beautiful as my grandma's, without developing resentment for or from my husband.
For a while I was just consoling myself in the fact that I'm an artist, I don't organize. But in retrospect that didn't really solve the problem, it probably just compounded it. There has to be a way for an eccentric, irresponsible, employed(sometimes) woman of today such as myself to keep a clean freakin' home!
Anybody have a good tip or two on how to be a great housewife with a job and a social life?