Saturday, March 20, 2010

American Apparel here we come!

What a beautiful Saturday in the greater Seattle area! I think we might actually leave the house today after I give Johnny a haircut suitable for his Sunday photo shoot. Maybe I'll start the outside activities a little early by cutting his hair on the back porch. Two birds with one stone--that's how I roll.
That's right, Johnny is going to be in a little photo shoot tomorrow. If you've seen my husband before you know that he is ruggedly handsome. Fortunately for me he is not so aware of this fact that he has yet realized that is he too hot for me--but he is just aware enough to have developed a small interest in fashion, and more specifically, modeling. He did a little stint when he was about 8 or so with a small talent agency in Seattle. His mother has some wonderful videos from that time. I always love seeing that stuff. Anyhow, he has set his sights on American Apparel for two reasons: 1, he loves their clothes, and 2, he looks amazing in them. He had been throwing around the idea of moving down to L.A. to pursue this dream for about a year or so, with no real movement in that direction. Then, a few weeks ago he came upon an ad on their website. It turns out that you don't need an agent or an interview or anything to become a model for AA, you just need a picture-which you can submit via the website. Just about that time we started doing fundraising at school for Paul Mitchell Schools' annual "Fun-raising" campaign. Our lovely receptionist has a degree in photography which will be taking her out of the school in less than a week now. But before she goes she's put together a little fundraiser of her own. For only $25 that is going to charity, Johnny is going to be professionally photographed in all his fluorescent, spandexed, American Apparel glory. The pictures are supposed to be for students to show off their talent and add to their portfolios so I guess I'm gonna try my best to make his hair look as fierce as the rest of him. Wish me luck!

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