Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween and Hypochondria

Well, my friends...we are just waiting now. Waiting and waiting and waiting. We are in a period commonly referred to by baby forums the world over as the "two-week-wait." Essentially, John and I have taken care of all that we have control over and now we can just sit back and relax to see if we bear fruit, as it were. Here is the challenge, however: I CAN'T WAIT! dangit! And I certainly cannot continue through a day, or several days, knowing something may be taking place in my body and not allow myself to analyze every little thing to death. We're talking about someone here who has self-diagnosed probably 20 terminal and non-terminal illnesses in herself in the last week. Ok, that may be an exaggeration, but still. (I'm just gonna clarify here and say that I am not dying, or almost dying, I'm just a hypochondriac, or in layman's terms, a woman). I gotta know! The fact is that on every website that deals with early pregnancy symptoms--and believe me I've visited every one--they make it pretty clear that symptoms before a missed period can't be trusted. They could be ovulation symptoms, they could be PMS symptoms, or any number of other things. But visit any forum of women currently in the two-week-limbo, as I like to call it, and we are all experiencing at least 5 things that (cross our fingers) most likely spell baby for us. Some of us may guard our speech and say I hope that means a positive test is coming my way, but really, you should know, we've already convinced ourselves. You might be asking yourself, why I seem to think of myself as such an expert on the subject since I've only been trying for a month. Well let me help you understand how serious of an issue this two-week-wait is for me. Every single month that I have been married I have, pretty successfully convinced myself that I was pregnant. Even though I knew that the chances were little none. Every month. So if I can't keep myself from going insane even when there's little to no hope, how can you expect me to keep it cool when I know we very well could be--PREGNANT!?! Aaaaahhhh! If I have bald patches next time I see you, you'll know why, alright. It's this freakin' baby. I'll be able to test on Halloween, so I'll let you know if I've acquired a spooky little stranger, or if all my possible baby symptoms are just an apparition.

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